Sunday, December 03, 2006

Lost in Wonderland

This is a spread in my neice Rachel's travelling journal. Her theme is "In a Faraway Land." I used the same Lewis Carol quote from my Nonsense piece from a previous post. I used two cardboard ornaments of Alice and the White Rabbit. The clock is made from a rubber stamp , gold embossing powder, a brad to hold the hands in place, and mounted on chipboard.
The background is a Basic Grey paper. I like the way the flow of the text mimics the wave of pink behind it. You can't really do justice to a spread like this with a scan. It looks flat and dull. Maybe I'll ask my husband to photograph it tomorrow.

Here's a detail of the rubber stamping. I used colored pencils and chalk pencils to color them in. Theres a lot of gold paint dotting the pattern. It creates a great texture. I think I'm going to work with this techniques some more. I love the tapestry look.


Cheryl said...

I love that stamp, Charlene. where did you get it....beautiful spread, you have a great color sense.

Charlene McNally said...

Thanks Cheryl! I think I bought that stamp at Michael's. It says Stampers Anonymous on the wooden block.

Colourguru said...

OF COURSE I am in love with your new's Alice.....who wouldn't be! SOOOOO special

Mo'a said...

Rachel is a lucky girl. Great theam, I so love Alice in Wonderland. These are wonderful pages and such an inspiration.

Charlene McNally said...

Thank you K and Mo'a. I've always been in love with Alice too. I read the Annotated Alice as a teen and I was hooked!