Thursday, December 28, 2006


This is a Paper Traders project hosted by my sister Cheryl.

From her description:
Tip in pages must be 5 by 5.5 inches. Please create two pages (Like a spread in a journal) in increments of 4. For example, you may decide you'd like 12 pages to complete your book, so submit 24 tip in pages, 2 for each participant who receives your work. These 2 page spreads can be all the same or each one different.... "Artifacts": think ancient, mysterious, maybe indecipherable, maybe a found precious object...

I used bits of circuit boards as "relics" as a concept. I started by painting Bristol board paper with raw umber acrylic mixed with a glaze medium. Then I patted plastic wrap over it to create texture. When that was dry I added texture with different kinds of paper, rice paper, tissue, and such. I also tore up a very old 1963 newspaper article sent to me by a Paper Trader friend, that was about about the very beginning of computer dating...a couple who met with the help of an IBM machine. I stained, distressed and reworked the dried pieces. Then with a 5x5.5 window, I chose the most interesting compositions. (Something I learned from my years cropping photos, a good crop can make an ordinary photo a great photo. ;-) ) Then I added the bit of circuit board mounted on a painted chipboard, finished with a bit of rubber stamping and Bam! LOL!

Here are more of them.

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