Monday, November 06, 2006

black and white

These are a set of digital ATC's I made a while back for a swap themed "black and white".
I created all six at once on a template for ATC's that looks like this:

You can download it if you want. Here's a large version (8.5 x 11 x 200 dpi). I filled each rectangle with its own composition of images, some overlap onto more than one card. I found the images on a Google image search. They're old scientific drawings.
I then hit the "invert" command in Photoshop and created the same image but...well, inverted.

Then I printed each page on heavy weight glossy paper and cut each card out, mounted it on black cardstock, glued its inverted partner onto the back of the card and ended up with 6 cards of both black and white images. Next time I'll print them out with a laser printer though. I looked at them after a few months and they are starting to fade. Live and learn.

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