Thursday, June 01, 2006

prickle wrath

There must be a generator of random words that is being used by spammers to escape the filtering systems of email providers. I've started to collect some. Very bizarre random disconnected imagery.

prickle wrath
drover cookery
booh collarette
lien undertow
yam skilly
manner misbehave
runic dotterel
gents myriad
southwards gainsay
religion pond
acorn explained
airedale repugnance
telekenisis dignitary
emigration tillable
flare housewifely
sensitive icicle
winding seascape
bookstand parboil
mordant puce
boffin fetterlock


Deborah said...

Beautiful Blog!! May I add a link to it from my blog?

Charlene McNally said...

Yes, of course Deborah. Can I link back to yours? Which one should I use? I see that you have three. Does it matter?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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