Saturday, September 23, 2006

Photoshop Tutorial - Faux Hand Tinting

This tutorial is how to take a black and white vintage photo and give it the look of hand tinting using Photoshop. This should also work with Photoshop Elements. There's nothing fancy about it. And its good for beginners. The tutorial is very explicit.
You can also take a modern b&w photo, reduce the contrast a bit, and when your done add noise and distress it a bit. Maybe I'll do another tutorial on that down the road.

The tutorial is graphic intensive, give it time to load.

If you have any questions, and if you enjoy these tutorials and would like me to continue with them please comment. Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself. Hey, maybe I am. :)

Oh yeah, click here for the tutorial.


Nick said...

I'm just in absolute awe of your talent Charlene. You are a doer. You "do" art beyond belief, you "do" instruction where dummy's can comprehend, and you "do" wonders to inspire others.

Charlene McNally said...

Thank you Nick for the encouraging words! :)

akasha said...

This tutorial is really cool! Its so simple / the effect so beautiful. I have tried it out and the results are up on my blog! Do you have anymore tutorials out there Charlene?


Charlene McNally said...

Nice job Laila! I'm working on more. Keep checking back. :)

Die Rabenfrau said...

Nice tutorial, Charlene! And your instructions are easy to follow. Thank you!
Die Rabenfrau

Blue_Ribbon said...

Thank you for posting this! It was kind and generous of you, and the steps are so clearly laid out. Your work is beautiful! And I love your website.