Saturday, June 27, 2009

The human as a canvas

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abby j said...

Hi Charlene,

I just found your blog AGAIN and was thrilled to see your YouTube piece about the people of the Omo. I visit that area of Ethiopia EVERY YEAR. In fact, I have two adopted tribal families there that have been part of my extended family for 8 years. If you check my blog, under photography, you can see them. They're wonderful people (my families are the Kara tribe) where they REALLY do the body painting...not so much for tourists (of which there are few) but as part of their daily we apply make-up. They DON'T do as shown on YouTube as their regular's only when an imaginative, exploitive photographer comes along that they don leaves, flowers, etc. Usually, it's just the finger painting. Beautiful though, eh? My blog (if you're interested) can be found at .
Hope you're well... nice to reconnect with you/your blog again. I'll put this as one I follow...
Hugs to you, Charlene,
Abby Lazar