Friday, February 09, 2007

love letter, 1952

This is a spread I just finished for an Art Garage rr journal. The instructions asked that we include a photo of ourselves as a child and a memory.

Looking at the photo I chose I recalled always being in a fog, not paying attention to my physical world at all... putting up with socks rolled down into my shoes, runny nose leaving chap marks on my upper lip, cold feet and unbuttoned sweaters. I was lost in an interior world of dreams, impressions, and thought.

This spread is about reaching out to that lost little girl and loving her for who she was (is). :-)


Cheryl said...

beautiful, Charlene!

Mo'a said...

This is so lovely....the immage and the message is so touching.

Sage said...

Charlene, this is beautiful and touching!

The Queen of Swaps said...

I love the soft tones of these pages C. I never do too well with pink.........these are lovely.

Suze said...

Charlene, that's so beautiful ... give that little one a great warm hug from me, too
I love you!