Tuesday, May 30, 2006


This is an entry into a round robin art journal. Its about a quote by Robin Williams. "You only get a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." I want to send it to Robin Williams but I don't have his address.

I used vintage clown images and superimposed R.W.s face on them. That's a photograph of him in the lower right hand corner wearing a checkered stretchy shirt like a cocoon. I guess he's trying to fit in. Anyway, I cloned the checkered floor that he's standing on and extended it at the bottom of the pages to integrate the image.
The spinner really works. It points to win, lose, sane, insane, I'm okay, you're okay. I normally try and stay away from the pointy hat cliche but I needed a pointer so it couldn't be avoided.
The overworked scritchedy drawing everywhere makes it look like it was done by a crazed obsessional artist. Not me of course. ;)

Here's more photos of the individual pages:


Cheryl said...

This is an aawesome spread charlene. great artistry here.

Janine said...

Beautiful work as always.Visually stunning

Deborah said...

Very Yummy!

Anonymous said...

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